CorelDraw X5 Creation by Me



"Stop Global Warming!"

“Stop Global Warming!”

"Simple Flowers"

“Simple Flowers”


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A Poem – A LONER

A Loner

I am a boy.
A teen, a man.
But most of all,
I am a loner.

People call me different,
They call me unusual.
I am the black dot
Inside a big white canvas.

I am the cries among the laughter
I am the black among the white
I am the shy among the extrovert.
I am the loner among the crowds

I can only stop my walk
And stay a little while,
Then think inside my heart
Why am I so different?


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Another Chance – A Poem

Another Chance~

Can you remember our first spring?
When the night sky was clear
We are sky gazing
While laughing without any tear

Can you remember our next spring?
When we somehow kiss?
I felt butterflies tingling
I felt the biggest bliss

But then we fight
Ending every relation
Eyes never met, eyes out of sight
Never show any affection

Then I send sincere apologies
For the things I have done,
I promise I’ll never make you cry
Then we’re back as friends

Lover it is, on our next summer
But death brought separation

Why should we be parting ways?
When we were soon-to-be fiancé
Then I could only pray
Wish that God give me another chance

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What Kind of Thinker Am I?

Just this morning, I took this short quiz called “The library Test”. The result is posted below :

You Are a Philosophical Thinker

You are very profound. You are an intense and deep thinker.You look at things from every perspective possible. You don’t take much as given.You are wise and thoughtful.

You are very philosophical about life.You are able to reason your way through anything, and you often come up with interesting and controversial conclusions.
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Myers Briggs Test Results

Hello guys!
It’s been quite a time since I last posted for this blog. I’m sorry for that 😦 …
The reason behind that are :
1. 1st Semester school final test
2. I’m writing a novel! 😀

By the way, yesterday I took a Myers Briggs test at , and I found that the results are accurate. SO here’s my result…

"Myers Briggs Test Result + Multiple Intelligence Test Result"

“Myers Briggs Test Result + Multiple Intelligence Test Result”

How about you? Would you like to try the test? just go to and take the test! Do the test honestly based on your current state for accurate results, ok?

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A Letter To May

Dear May,

Hello May, it has been a long time since the last time we talk. 2 years exactly. Well, I am eating some brownies as I’m writing this letter. Just like the old days, right? How are you now? I am fine right now and I hope you’re fine too.

This year was still hard for me. Everyday my mind couldn’t stop thinking about our parting ways. I just hope I could say sorry that time, but you’re leaving way to soon. Well, regret always comes late, right? I wish to cry right now, but you will hate me for that. You hate crybabies right?  Since your departure, I felt so lost. You are my light, my guide that helps me walk in the right way. But when you left me, everything seems dark. Worlds are crumbling and I just couldn’t say “God is good” that time. Everyday was so boring and plain without your laugh and smiles. I even lost my spirit to live. My reason to live.

But then I met this guy, he was like you. Wise, caring, confident, and nice. The way he talks reminds me of you.  We have a lot of things in common. We even share the same hobby! Maybe he’s the one, the answer to my prayer. Well not as a boyfriend silly, but as a close friend, a brother. He shows me the way once more. But I think our relation is having some quite of problem. People are talking about how bad his attitude. But, I chose not to believe it. Is this the right decision, May?

Anyway, are you still eating sweets? I bet you are still chewing on gummy bears. You love those so much, right? I still remember your last birthday. I made a gummy bear cake for you. I hope you like it though. Well, remember our favorite song, “Fix you”? We chose this song because we decided to be each other’s angel, who reminds us about our mistake and fix it. But now, I think the song “Gone Too Soon” suits me better. And I still remember how you wished to dance under your disabilities. Sorry for not fulfilling my promise to make you dance…

And… May, although we will never met, I hope you know that I love you. Not as a friend, as a lover. Well, life keeps rotating. I should stop crying, I guess. Sleep tight May, keep smiling for me.  Goodbye May. I love you…. :’)

Your one and only lover, Alphonse

Love, contains only 4 letters. But love, is such a mystery. People may miss their true love, never realize their true love, and just will never found it.

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A Fiction – “Either”

She was sitting alone. Daydreaming.

Her hair was so messed up. Her eyes was quite red, tears were also slowly drying. She must have gone through something bad. Maybe a breakup? Nowadays, these kind of thing is not a rare sight for people and she must have been in the class alone for a long time. Well, the class have ended 3 hours ago and everyone had gone home. Maybe she was contemplating? Suddenly, she walked towards the window. The sky was quite clear, maybe the last rain had flushed out the pollution in the air. She open the window, letting fresh air came to the room. The air brought a lavender scent. Relaxing.

The girl closed her eyes, trying to calm herself. “Janet, what are you doing?” a voice asked the girl. The girl answered, “No…Nothing, sir.” The girl tried to hid her trembling voices.

“If it’s nothing, why are you crying?” the voice asked once more.
“Crying? No way! I accidentally poke my own eyes!”
“Poking oneself eyes accidentally?”
“Yeah!” her cheek blushed, she quietly wished that her teacher believed her.
“Okay, shouldn’t you be going home? It’s 4 pm now.”
“Really?” the girl said in made-up shocked expression.
“Yes it is. By the way, if you need any counseling, feel free to call me.” the teacher said while giving his name card to Janet.
“Thank you, sir.” Janet said with a smile. She take small steps, walking out of the room. She then waved her hands to the teacher. By looking to his name tag, his name was Ardel. Janet smiled once more, before leaving his teacher. ”
“She is sure in need of a help,” Ardel said. He smiled and slowly leaving the classroom, closing the door. The school was finally empty at 5 pm. Yes, Ardel was the last to leave.


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